Go beyond entertainment with
Guest TV
Brought to you by DCI

Personalized content designed
to drive your business.

Is Cable TV Helping You Drive Revenue?
Probably Not. In Fact, It Might Be Decreasing Customer Satisfaction.
Leave the controversy, scandals and fake news behind.
Entertain with Positivity, Inspiration and Trust with Guest TV.

Don't let negative and polarizing broadcast news impact
your dealership's customer experience.

Guest TV content is hand-picked for positivity because your
customer's mood impacts their satisfaction.

Studies show that positive emotions have significant
influence on consumer loyalty, trust and shopping decisions.

Reduce perceived dwell time and leverage a captive audience
Don't Let Wait Time Impact Satisfaction.

A long perceived wait time can reduce customer
satisfaction... And impact whether a customer returns for
service or re-purchase from your dealership.

Guest TV channels are specifically designed to reduce perceived
dwell time with content that engages and relaxes.

Don't miss the opportunity to increase customer awareness.
Your Message, Throughout Your Dealership.

Do more than entertain customers during their wait,
educate and engage them about their vehicles, ownership benefits
and most importantly, your dealership!

Provide customer with TV, sponsored by your dealership.
Guest TV automatically integrates your dealership logo
and name within the channel.

Guest TV Does More Than Entertain Customers.
It improves customer satisfaction, drives sales and builds loyalty
throughout your lounge, showroom and service areas.

All the entertainment of cable TV without controversial or inappropriate content
Promote your dealership and feature
content specific to your business

Eliminate competitive ads and messaging
Make it personal, with localized content

Increase customer engagement and
awareness of products and services
Improve customer mood with positive, light-hearted and inspirational content

Give Your Customers a Better Experience Throughout Your
Dealership with DCI Guest TV.
Service Lounge
Service Lounge
Sales, F&I and Reception
Sales, F&I and Reception
Parts, Body Shop, Cashier
Parts, Body Shop, Cashier

Finally, one channel that has it all.
Something for Everyone.
Your customers are unique, and their TV entertainment interests can be specific. DCI's Guest TV is designed to please any and all of your customers...so, you can say goodbye to channel surfing and customer complaints about your lounge TV.

Content is Refreshed Every 5 Minutes to Hourly
   Ensure your customers are entertained, no matter what the wait period duration.

Say Goodbye to Commercials
   For every hour of content, cable TV typically has 12 minutes of commercials.
   Guest TV has only 4-6 minutes of commercials - All GM Brand or Dealership - for every 90 minutes of content.

Entertainment Content

- Light News
- Collegiate & National Sports
- Celebrity News
- Cooking & Home Improvement
- Travel Destinations

Dealer Sponsored Local Content

- Weather Forecasts
- Local Traffic
- Local Health News & Tips

Brand - Approved Content

- Educational Brand Content
- Safety & Vehicle Technology
- Ownership Benefits
- Certified Service Value
- Brand Loyalty & Engagement

Dealer Content

- Dealer Name & Logo Featured Throughout Channel Programming
- Dealer Content Uploads Included

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